Oh man learning from the ground up .... / by Phillip Reid

So I was sitting there thinking maybe people might want to comment  on my blogs Yes / No (comment below😁) how do I set that up?

Unlike a piece of electronics or new fridge you might purchase a website doesn't come with any instructions.....but it really does it's called a help section dummy🤦‍♂️.

So I sucked up my pride and put my brain into 1st gear (out of holiday coma mode) cruised over to the help section and you have got to hand it to squarespace,  it's well set up, a fountain of info in the form of videos text and photos so I went through step by step multiple pages open two browsers saved multiple times and low and behold,  NO COMMENTS ! So I'm an hour in by now feeling like a potato and I inlist my resident blog expert Pauline for some advice we both come to the conclusion you have to maybe add a block for comments....but no such luck I find there is no block named Comments. So I cant pull my hair out because I havn't got any so I go into my usual, let's get back to basics bro there is something simple I've missed in the initial set up somewhere. Now we find ourselves in the HOME area of the website sub category  SETTING.....see where I'm going with this you feeling a revelation well damn John Boy! There it is 2nd from the bottom BLOGGING amen I found the gold in the form of Comments Settings and I'm not kidding within 2 minutes everything is sorted and it doesn't even matter the time it took to get there.  The joy of that last couple of minutes is like winning the lottery FIST PUMP👊🏻 and even HIGH FIVE🤚.

Sooo we will see how that goes people like voicing their opinion 👌🏻  and now they have the opportunity....you are welcome 😂

Turtle Lake, Hamilton Gardens.

I need some advise though should i keep or discard the like button??? Comments 😂